La Caldera to Coronel Moldes

Road 68

Wednesday January 12, 2011, 90 km (56 miles) – Total so far: 606 km (377 miles)

After having a relaxed breakfast, we took it easy and started on the road to Cafayate at 11:30.Actually we didn`t have a fixed destination just riding and see where the road would take us.This time passing through Salta was not so nice, we even had to ride a couple of kms on the highway.A little be scary when the drivers pass you so close at the speed of 130km,but we survived!!

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Chilling in Tilcara

View from the top of Pucara ruins

Sunday January 9, 2011

Today we got up late and after having breakfast we decided to visit the ruins of Pucara,wich is about two km out of town.This ruins are a pre inca fortification located on a hill.

On the top there is a rebuilt small temple pyramid and you got an awsome view of Tilcara.Close to the entry there is a small botanic garden wich itself is not very well maintained but it has a huge rock that rings like a bell when you knock on it- very cool.

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Junction R40-R52 to Tilcara: Finally paved road

Up to Abra de Potrerillos

Saturday January 8, 2011, 80 km (50 miles) – Total so far: 356 km (221 miles)

The night wasn`t very relaxing as there was a lot of noise produced by the wind that moved the ribbed roof. At 6.40am we said goodbye to the indian guy- the only person in the whole village- and continued our way on R52, a paved road that seemed real luxury to us.

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El Mojon to junction Road 52 direction Purmamarca

Desert Ruta 40

Friday January 7, 2011, 67 km (42 miles) – Total so far: 276 km (171 miles)

We continued our R40 experience at 6.30am. The road unfortunately stayed as it was yesterday, even worse. Often we had to push the bikes to go on, because there was so much sand and never ending washboard terrain. We used an argentinian and a german map, and in the german map a village called „Tres morros“ was supposed to be the junction to Purmamarca already.

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San Antonio de los Cobres to El Mojon: Tough ride on Ruta 40

Ruta 40 in the morning

Thursday January 6, 2011, 38 km (24 miles) – Total so far: 209 km (130 miles)

At 6:45am we were ready to leave San Antonio.We took the sandwiches Sergio had prepared last night for us and got on the track.The village was still sleeping the only sound you could hear were some dogs barking.

It was easy to find the beginning of ruta 40.The road was like Sergio(our hostel owner)told us:sandy,grave,and the worst was the extrem washboarding.Sometimes we left the road to ride at the fields beside,but as there were a lot of small bushes with a lot of big thorns it was also not really useful.

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