Puebla: Rest day 1

All the person doing drugs or selling illegal stuff will be delivery to the authorities

I forgot to turn off my alarm, so it rang at 5 o´clock like yesterday. Shit happens! Thanks god I could fall asleep again and I finally woke up at 11 o´clock. I had missed the breakfast in the hostel, but really -I didn´t care. It was already 1pm when I went downstairs and so I had a breakfast/lunch today. Chicken with mole.

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Perote-Puebla: Crazy drivers and no shoulders

Alchichica lake

145 km (90 miles) – Total so far: 2,042 km (1,269 miles)

At 5 o´clock my alarm rang like usual – I was awake 100% immediately and I jumped out of bed. Very fast I got dressed because the temperature in the room was beyond all bearing! Soooo cold! I packed everything, took all my panniers downstairs and loaded the bike in record time to be quickly on the road again.

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Very new highway

50 km (31 miles) – Total so far: 1,897 km (1,179 miles)

Business as usual: at 6am I was pedaling. After 100m the road started to climb already although I only was searching for the right street to take. It took me like 50min to find it, and at that time I was already sweating like crazy – and the temperature was only 9C°!!

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Veracruz – Xalapa

View from a bridge

 106 km (66 miles) – Total so far: 1,847 km (1,148 miles)

At 5 o´clock my alarm was ringing and one hour later I was already pedaling. When I cycled my way out of the city I needed to do a small stretch on the ring road around the town and I had to pass some bridges. There was already a lot of traffic and the car drivers were freaking out because I was riding there on their road. Surely made a lot of friends today!

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Javier Marin sculptures

I went to have breakfast at about 10:30am just down here at the zocalo. Today I really wanted to look for some cycling shirts or something warm I could put on when I would continue towards Mexico City. I had met this japanese guy yesterday, and he had told me that in the mountains that I had to pass it can get really cold. So I told myself: „No way“! I need warm clothes.

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San Andrés Tuxtla-Veracruz: Strong headwinds and the first cyclist encounter

Bye bye Tuxla

164 km (102 miles) – Total so far: 1,741 km (1,082 miles)

When at 5.45am I was pedaling leaving the posada behind me, it was still dark and had put my light. I easily found the road but what a pity! It started with a downhill that I couldn´t go down very fast because I couldn´t see very far – my light reaches only 20m ahead so I had to be very careful always watching out for potholes…

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