To be riding in Mexico for the second time was a different experience as I had decided not to choose the typical tourist destinations for my route.

Sometimes it was really tough but in the end it was what I expected and I liked it like this. The only thing that was really bothering were the three days of rain where it was raining throughout the whole day, from the morning until the evening. That was hard to bear.
The drivers were driving in the typical way of many developing countries. There is no “traffic culture” for cyclists and so they don´t really care, but I was safe most of the time. People were nice and very friendly. I never felt really threatened. A little bit scary was the ride into Mexico City because there were a lot of trenchtowns of course. I was riding fast because they looked not really inviting and I remember people in Europe that had told me no to ride into Mexico City because it´s supposed to be very dangerous bla bla bla etc…
If somebody would ask me if he should go to Mexico I would tell him definitely yes. Go and explore it is a nice country but maybe don´t cycle into Mexico City. I really cannot recommend this.
According to my GPS I climbed 9236m and the highest peak was 3216m.
I was sitting on my bike 134 hours in 19 days and my average speed was 16,56km.
Thank you Lord for protecting me and thanks to my lovely wife Anette for always supporting me!!!

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