Zapala to Buenos Aires: No problem taking the bikes on the bus

We took the bikes at noon to the bus station, as the clerk told us yesterday we´d better bring them some hours before departure time. The bus („Chevallier“ company) left at 4 o´clock in the afternoon and we had a very convenient trip with food and drinks served by a stewart-not to compare with the ride to „Chilecito“ at the beginning of the journey.

Two hours before arriving at BsAs I organized a taxi cab that would be big enough to take us with all our luggage plus the bikes. This is not a easy thing to do in BsAs, because there are no taxis like a type of a Mercedes sprinter or something likewise, the biggest taxis you can get are like a Citroen Berlingo. We doubted if we would enter all with the stuff, but in the end it figured out with the Berlingo.
So hello again Buenos Aires and good-bye space,mountains,rivers and fresh air-we´ll miss you!!!

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