Luang Prabang: Day off

Tuesday 08, January 2019 00 km – Total so far: 856,5 km

Surprise! I woke up today at 7am instead of 6am and I even fell asleep again until 8 o’clock. At least a little bit longer as usual. My inner watch always wants me to get up early.

For breakfast I had some delicious soup with chicken, mango juice , and some real coffee together with a chocolate croissant. Absolutely lovely!!  After I wanted to look for another guesthouse and strolled along.

I saw some foot massage offer and got me one. The massage itself was nothing special but it was funny. The girl was laughing all the time – she was really a trip.

When I got back to the guesthouse the next nice surprise was waiting for me. I can keep my room for 2 more days. Thats nice. Now I don t need to change the guesthouse, that’s cool. I think about leaving on Friday maybe.

I took a nap and watched some TV. I got satellite TV here! I enjoyed to do some zapping. Later I went to have dinner in the same place where I had that delicious breakfast in the morning. This time I ordered some curry with fried chicken and on top I drank a tequila sunrise.

I felt inspired to get some late night food now on my way home for the movie night…….

Tequila sunrise
Tequila sunrise
Provisions for the movie night
Provisions for the movie night


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