From Salta to Chorrillos

Saturday January 1, 2011, 58 km (36 miles) – Total so far: 58 km (36 miles)

After having slept only a few hours because of the new years eve celebrations that took place in our hostel „Salta por Siempre“ we got up at 7:30. We had a typical argentinian breakfast with media lunas and jam.

To leave Salta at the 1st of January turned out to be a good decision because the road through the city was quite empty.It was easy to find road 51 direction „Campo Quijano“.Arriving there at noon we had some lunch empanadas and coke to get some energy for the climb that was waiting for us in the beginning of the Andes.

Our plan was to get to Chorrillos,2300m high,a small village of 4 houses and an abandoned railway station. The unpaved road passed the famous bridge of the „tren de las nubes“ wich is a typical argentinian postcard image.Already you could feel the altitude, the missing oxigene.

We arrived at Chorrillos about 6PM and went to a samll house to ask for a place to put our tent.An old woman showed us a place where we could set the tent in a garden close to the Chapelle.

Our lovely hostel in Salta
On road 51
First stop at Campo Quijano
Unpaved road 51
Famous bridge on road 51
Road 51
Climbing up to Chorrillos


Almost there
Home sweet home


Dinner for two

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