Ella: Sri Lanka’s adaption to the West – the fake Sri Lanka

Friday 9th, February 2018

I wanted to sleep long after the tough ride yesterday, but unfortunately I woke up already at 7 am.At 10 o’clock I had breakfast.

I was happy that I told the owner Richard yesterday that I would prefer to have Sri Lankan style breakfast.Today I’m editing some pictures and what else? Chilling, chilling and chilling.

In the afternoon I went to Ella to get me some money. I was like shocked. So many tourists. Everything Western style. You can get hamburgers, fish and chips, pizza etc. at any corner. Amazing. You have to look for quite some time to find a local Sri Lankan restaurant here. Unbelievable.

On the main road you can find all the bars and restaurants, the guesthouses are located in the hills around. That’s it.
I don’t really know why everybody’s coming here….. There are much better places in Sri Lanka and besides less crowded.

I talked to the guesthouse owner Richard and I told him, that I really liked to eat at his guesthouse, but that I’m not willing to pay for a meal at the guesthouse like in a 5 star fancy hotel.

So we reached an agreement, that I would pay a little bit more like in a local restaurant.
I’m happy, because Richard is an amazing cook. His meals taste fantastic!

Richard Home Stay
Richard Home Stay
My room
My room

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