El Santuario: Recovery day

Wednesday 01 , January 2020 – Total so far: 418,9 km

I woke up at 8 already. „No way“ !! I turned to the other side once again and I kept on  sleeping until 11:30.

First thing when I got up finalIy I washed my clothes from the bucket and then went to the main square. Here I met Gabriel again. He was charging his phone and told me that he was feeling sick.  He has very little money and cannot afford to buy some medicine. So I bought some for him.

I went to have lunch at the same place like yesterday evening: restaurant El Palermo, but it was full, no table. I strolled a little bit around and when I went back  I could get a free table. No illusions about the menu…. Yes, 10 points ! Chicken rice and beans.

Back in my room I took a nap. I wrote the daily reports for the blog and edited some images. No chance to upload anything – the internet connection in Colombia sucks.

In the evening I went out again to eat, then came back and packed my panniers.

Hope tomorrow in Medellin I manage to get a nice place to stay with good internet. 

Referring the internet connection I’m not very optimistic but miracles happen

Main church
Main church
Gabriel 8 year on a bike
Gabriel 8 year on the bike
El Santuario city center
El Santuario city center
The town is full with a lot of  pubs for drink agua ardiente
The town is full with of pubs where you can enjoy agua ardiente
My restaurant
My restaurant
My lunch
Colombia Toyota landcruiser land
Colombia is the Toyota Landcruiser country

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