Under the sun of Bogota

Tuesday December 24, 2019

Unfortunately I didn t sleep too much. At 2:30 in the night I already woke up the first time – that really sucked. Then I hardly could fall asleep again and at 7am I gave up the fight and finally got up.

I organized my stuff a little bit inside the room and put the last few things on the bike. After I went downstairs to the lobby, had some coffee and ate the rest of my pizza from yesterday. Theo, the tiny sweet little dog of the guesthouse was joyning me and he got some pizza, too.

I finished and went to look for a place where I could change money and buy a simcard.

The weather was a little bit chilly but very sunny – I made a first mistake today: I didn’t think of putting some sun screen because it was not hot at all. Besides that I didn’t even wear a hat and so I got my first sunburn today-right on my head. I learned my lesson: colombian sun is really strong guys.

I strolled along and finally found myself inside a mall called Andina. There was a Claro shop located in there where I could get my sim card and it also was possible to change money there. Mission accomplished.

On my way home I passed by a supermarket, got some food and arrived again at my guesthouse. Time for a little nap.

Later on I went outside again to see if it was possible to find an adapter for my charger. It wasn’t: everything was already closed due to Christmas.

So I got back, watched some TV and I started to check out wich route to take when I start touring with the bike on Thursday.

Delicious coca tee
Delicious coca tea
For my friend Milton, Sri Lanka tee
For my friend Milton, Sri Lanka tea
Well now you know I own a bookstore in Bogota
Well now you know I own a bookstore in Bogota
Classic old Land Rover
Classic old Land Rover
Third day Chanukah
Third day Chanukah

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