Take off to Cancun

I woke up today early at 7 o´clock in the morning. I hoped to feel better today, because I already know how bad it feels to fly with a bad cold but unfortunately this bad bronchitis I´m fighting now for almost a week with decided to stay with me. Anyway – with a lot of pills and drugs inside I got in the van of a friend who picked me up at 9am. One hour later we arrived at Frankfurt airport. I checked in my stuff including the bike without a problem.

By the way: my airline Lufthansa takes 100€ for the bike each stretch.A last coffee together with my wife and at 12 I was on my way to the boarding gate. The scheduled time for the take off was 13:30 and we started 30min late. The flight was very good and I was lucky: I got one of these irritating, dry coughing attacks I´m used to since one week only once.

When we had landed at Mexico city about 19:30 p.m. ,my brother was there to welcome me and to see me for a short while as my onward flight to Cancun was leaving only 4 hours later. I had to check out all of my luggage pass the migration area and had to do the complete check in again for my connection to Cancun. This flight I had booked online already back home in Germany with a cheap company called Volaris.

I was so happy my brother was there to help me (thank you so much Ale!!) because you are not allowed to take a trolley outside there, and he could help me with the bike box, which made things a lot easier. The next problem occur at the check in. The lady at the counter wanted to pack my panniers again. They were packed together like always inside a big IKEA bag, tied together safely. I really had to argue a lot with her until I finally asked her to call for the supervisor. Well, discussions went on with him, but in the end he let me send the panniers like I had packed them. That really was annoying, and for god´s sake I´m a native speaker (I´m born in Argentina.)

After my brother had left I went on to the boarding gate. I felt very bad – tired and really fucked up. When I wanted to board and showed my boarding pass to the the stewardess she said: „Sir, you got the wrong airline! We are flying to Cancun, but we are not Volaris airline that you are booked on. Look at your flight number.“ Well, I did and f….shit, it was a totally different number. I rapidly checked the screen and began to run to the right gate which was located just at the opposite end of the airport. I felt like getting a heart attack but I managed to get that damned flight- I was so happy!!!!

The flight itself was o.k., it took us only 1hour 30min to arrive in Cancun. I took my bike and my luggage but had to carry it all as there are no trollies there. Man that really sucks. At least the airport is small.
I went outside and got a colectivo taxi to the place where I had reserved a room via internet about 6 weeks ago back in Germany . Meanwhile it was 2am in the morning which means about 25 hours without sleep. When I arrived at the hostel another big surprise!!! They had reserved the room for the next night, and told me that for this night there was no room left.

Now I was freaking! I wanted to talk to the owner who turned out to be a young lady. She said they were confused with the dates and thought the 24th 2p.m. would mean the next day and so on. Well, after some discussions suddenly there was a room for me. It wasn´t exactly nice, and the smell was not exactly perfume, but I didn´t care. It was only for this one night and I just needed a bed. I was so exhausted, just wiped out. Finally I went to sleep about 3am local time.

My flight already on the screen!!!
My flight already on the screen!!!
Waiting to board
Waiting to boardWaiting to board
Very new aircraft
Very new aircraft

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