Sight seeing in Mendoza: From Plaza to Plaza

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Today we went to the center of Mendoza. It´s a nice city with a pedestrian area and some plazas, all located around the main square. We just took the atmosphere of the city and had some lunch. In the midday the daughter of Matilde took us to the „Cerro de la gloria“ a small hill with a monument of San Martin on top.

Afterwards we did a guided tour in the bodega „Lopez“ all together. The day ended with an spectacular asado in the daughter´s home. The meat was a real highlight and the husband was a real experienced asador, he prepared everything traditionally- grilling with wood and not with coal- which makes a great difference referring the taste of the meat.

He let us in on the secret of cooking „al disco“ which is a certain way of preparing food in the region. We had another wonderful evening together.

Plaza "San Martin"
Plaza „San Martin“
Plaza "Espania"
Plaza „Espania“
View from" Cerro de la Gloria"
View from“ Cerro de la Gloria“
San Martin monument on top of "Cerro de la Gloria"
San Martin monument on top of „Cerro de la Gloria“
Bodega Lopez
Bodega Lopez
This is big...
This is big…
The real taste of Argentina: Asado!!!!
The real taste of Argentina: Asado!!!!

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