Planning the tour

My very first idea this time was going to Asia to escape the winter here in Germany. What in the end made me prefer Mexico was the fact, that I finally decided connect the trip with a „family visit“.

Two of my brothers are living in Mexico city, and as I haven´t seen them for seven years now I thought this trip could be a good combination: cycling through Mexico with a family visit at the planned destination. A friend wanted to join me, and we had already booked the flights for the two of us, when his father got seriously ill and he cancelled the trip at last to be home in case something would happen to his father.

So, for the second time after cycling alone through South-East- Asia in 2008 I will do a solo-trip. I´ve been cycling through Mexico already 5 years ago, but then mostly on the Yucatan peninsula.

This time I am planning to ride from Cancun to Mexico city. Maybe I will cease the trip already in Puebla – it all depends on the security situation….I will decide on my way.

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