Gear List

We will be riding on our Bike Fridays New World Tourist with Rohloff

Bicycle tools and parts

Tubus cargo rear racks
Ortlieb back and front classic panniers
Ortlieb ultimate 6 plus handlebar bag
Kryptonite cable and lock
Abus folding lock
Lezyne pump

Chain lube
mini tool
3 tire levers
2 replacement inner tubes
2 patch kits
mini chain tool
2 KMC missing links
replacement spokes
Assorted bolts, washers and nuts
Gerber multitool
Multitook/w chainbreaker

Navigation & Photo

Nikon D 750
Nikon 70-300
Sigma 24-70
Nikon flash SB 800
Extra batterys
Memory cards
Macbook Pro 13″
Cables adapter
Garmin GPSmap 60CSx
AA Batterys+charger

My clothes / My wife´s clothes
2 off bike T-shirts / 4 off bike T-shirts
2 boxers / 4 slips
2 socks / 3 socks
Windstoper ultralight / Windstoper ultraligh
2 shorts riding and civil / 1 bike short,1 off bike trouser, 1 skirt
Endura trouses long convertible shorts
Bike shirt / 2 Cycle jerseys
Bandana / bandana
Crocs / Teva outdoor sandals
Trekking shoes / Flip flops

Bad weather cycling:
Rain pants and poncho (also as a tarp) / Rain jacket
Gore windstopper / Gore windstopper
Ultralight backpack

Big Agnes copper spur ul3 test
2 Summer sleeping bag
2 Inside sheet
2 Matress

Sunglasses and sunscreen
Microfibre pack towel
Nail clippers
Band Aids

All the stuff
All the stuff
Disassemble the bike for packing it in the suitcase
Disassemble the bike for packing it in the suitcase
First bike packed
First bike packed
Bikes inside
Bikes inside
Our 8 ortliebs
Our 8 ortliebs

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